Thursday, May 4, 2017

Instead of Working More Difficult, Try This.

Learn from the crazy mistakes of work for life.
No matter what, do not eat marshmallows.
That's what the study says.
Crowd! Crowd! Crowd!
That's what online business experts say.
If you listen to social media and the prevailing wisdom of cold water chatter, which I hope you did not do, you would think that the road to extraordinary and successful life is paved by hard work, hard work and sacrificing yourself for profit. on the road.
It's full of "frenzied" and not only works 9-5, but 5-9.
Who needs sleep? Self-care is evil!
Instead, focus on the things that people think are important. Make more money, climb the corporate ladder, adopt a bigger degree, and ultimately, success will follow. Make sure you focus and try!
Then, in your old age, enjoy as many marshmallows as you can!
Assuming you made it that far.

Feel like you've been working hard for a long time, and still not getting results? If you complain, you may hear "work harder and be patient" than your peers (or your boss or family member)!
This is the party line. This is especially true if, as before, you are surrounded by motivated and successful professionals and work in a fast-paced industry. If you work in the technology industry, a "hard work" ethos is likely embedded.
My belief that life does not have to be this way. You can succeed without burning yourself. Self-care is an essential ingredient for a healthy, meaningful and successful life.
The Myth of Laziness

Not always this way, and in many cultures, especially in the manual workplace and still the only way to feed yourself and your family, rest is often done and deliberately doing so. This is not a lazy sign. It is only natural that you work in the fields all day or carry goods to and from the market. You can not work hard all day and last long. Survival depends on rest.
It's called "pacing yourself."
Today, if you work in a knowledge economy where the single most moving thing is your finger or mouth, the situation is different. Your physical body does not limit your own activities. It also frowns to take care of itself. It's less obviously needed but still required more than ever.

Cutting out on a Friday, leaving the office at 3 pm to hit the mountain biking trails before sunset, napping in the afternoon…these are signs of weakness, lethargy and lack of commitment. It’s not that anyone will say this to your face. It’s that this is the subtext that runs through people’s minds.
I know this because I’ve heard it and felt it myself before I left my corporate gig.
We celebrate hard work and criticize self-care, if not outwardly, at least internally based on what we choose to value and the stories we tell ourselves about what is the right and wrong way to work and succeed.
My belief is that the path to being happier (and productive, in however manner you define those things) begins not with outward accomplishment and doing more of anything. It comes from first taking care of yourself. It’s about proper pacing, so you can give it your all when necessary by ensuring proper recovery.
If you are an athlete this concept will be familiar to you.
Now it’s time to apply it to your work.
Self-Care is Not Indulgent
In fact, it is the only way you can ever be in a position to help others and provide even greater value to society. If you are confused about this statement, don’t stress it, you are probably caught in the “hard work” trap yourself.
This thought exercise will help you see the need for a way out of the trap:
Imagine the opposite of self-care. Let’s call this “self-neglect.” Imagine what it would be like to make self-care that last thing in the world you cared about. Instead, you just focused on working harder and harder and doing more and more.
Next, imagine what would happen if you completely neglect your wants and needs (beyond basic survival needs) for a sustained period, say, several years? What would happen to your health? What would happen to your relationships? What would happen to your motivation? What would happen to your happiness?
What kind of life would this be? Not a good one as far as I’m concerned.